Case sealers

Det vanligaste typen av kartongförslutare är en top-förslutare med tejpdispenser

Most common is a top-closer with tape. We have two different models C12d4 and C12d3. C12d4 is a simple and flexible top-closer with automatic flapfolding of short- and longside flaps. The construction is of stainless steel and is compact. Ergonomic, easily accessible and requires minimal floorspace. Both right- and lefthand version is avalible.

C12d3 is a further development and built modular to be able to customized if for your needs. This model can close your box with tape in top and bottom as well as sealing them with Hot-melt or in exstreme conditions both! C12 d3 have a solid stainless frame where flexibillity is the watchword.

We offer other type of closing machines as well or lid-applicators, LC, FF, LFA and LA. LC Lid closer fold down and seal lid on 1,2 or 3 sides with Hot-melt. FF Folds down and glue stacking tabs on trays after they have been filled. LFA and LA are Lid applicators that for an example apply a lid on an open box, folds down flaps that are glued around. There are many applications but the common base is to standardize the way of buildingconstruction as fare as possible.