Case erectors

Our case erectors based on high-tech competence and many years of experience. That´s why they are very operator friendly, flexible and ergonomically correct. We are specialized to get your end of line to work nice and smooth without any interruptions. We can contribute by a small foot-print and maximum output. With our stainless steel finish, compact design, the symmetrical construction with a simple format changeover our machines takes your production to the next level. We can guarantee you that you will increase your reliability and have the joy of our erector for a very long time ahead. With few moving parts you will get a machine that last for many years with a minimal of maintenance and spares.

Our three basic models are E21, E24 and E31. E21 and 31 seal your cardboard packaging boxes with Hot-melt and E24 with tape. The unique E31 can be equipped with up to 5 magazines. Please contact us for more information about our different models and what they can do for you!

Våra Kartongresare baserar sig på högteknisk kompetens och mångårig erfarenhet. Användarvänliga, flexibla och ergonomiskt riktiga.