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This is Lundgren Machinery

AB Lundgrens Mekaniska Verkstad was founded in 1912 in Malmö, Sweden. Manufacturing then consisted of components and machines, e.g. we made Malmö’s first road sweeper. In 1982 we moved to Hjärup, where we have remained to this day. IBS (Ingenjörs Byrån Schneider AB) was acquired in 1998. Today, Lundgren Machinery manufactures packaging machines and other appliances, mainly for the food and pharmaceuticals sector.

In 2011, almost a hundred years after start-up, we took a new step in our development when we changed our name to Lundgren Machinery, a name we feel is more representative of what we have to offer. Once we had changed our name we redesigned our graphic identity and ventured out onto the market of our future. A market we intend to lead for at least another hundred years. We help with contract manufacturing for small and large projects.
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Contract creation

We also serve other industries with machines through contract manufactoring. You order - We deliver

Do you have a finished product? It can be a newly developed product or one that have been on the market for a while. In any case we offer you an I vilket fall som helst så kan vi erbjuda dig en efficient production and take care of the hole chain from ordering to deliver. And for us it is natural that we participates in different improvement projects for the product in a close cooperation we helps you to be more cost efficient.