Carton erector IBS E24 and E24HS

An entrance level case erector simple of use and still with IBS robustness and quality for long lasting”

The machine is of a solid design in stainless steel and erects, folds and seals corrugated board cases with tape. It can be supplied with either right- or left hand discharge direction. It is easy to adjust between different case sizes. Thanks to the special parallelogram mechanism the machine can cover a wide format range despite its compact construction. This system is well known from E21 and E22 machines.

The E24 has a pneumatically driven liner movement witch the parallelogram erecting arm is attached to. When erected the box the liner movement transport the box to motor driven side belts that takes the box thru the tape station. This entrance level machine have a Festo control unit and a LCD screen where to control and adjust the functions.

Now also High Speed version IBS E24HS, up to 22 boxes per minute (depending on boxsize and quality).

Option: Handwheel adjustment with counters for simple and fast format change!

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