Tray Formers

Reliability, the most reliable and compact machine on the market.

Our tray formers handles both solidpaper- as well as paperboard packaging. With a tailor-made tool we form your packing to what you desire. The solid firm and proven frame construction together with many years of experiance of formtool manufactoring makes the forming machine extremely stable and dependable. In addition, the magazine is placed back of the machine and can easely be filled up during production. The tray formers have a modular building system which make it possible for us to offer you machines for you for differnt sizes of your packaging and in versions as TWIN machineor with a pallet magazine for automatic feeding of trays.

Our 3 basic models are TF12, 15 and18 offers you many different versions for open-trays, boxes with lid to trays and with reinforced 3-corners.

The machine folds and glue the packing if it´s a straight or double conical tray.
Contact us for more information about our unique solutions that will simplify your every day needs!

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Tray Former TF18P
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