Volume reducer for logistic and e-commerce

Case volume reducer / folding box volume reducer

We are your partner on the Scandinavian market to support you on your box handling process. We offer you individual solutions for boxhandling of send package goods .

It´s not only a environmental objectives, we can as well reduce your costs and simplify your process.

Box Erecting – Volume reducing – Box Closing


  • Volume-optimized packaging
  • Reduced costs in transport, filler material and personne
  • Handling of different formats at varying sequences
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Low payback period
Maskiner för smartare produktion - Kontraktstillverkning 2

Correct size

Finding the correct size for the end packaging is a serious problem for many packaging companies, as the product to be sent should be packaged as safely as possible while using as little space as possible. This trade-off can result in very high costs: Purchasing and storage of many different carton sizes as well as the filler material required and the personnel and work effort for administration, packaging and dispatching of only half-filled cartons are bad for the budget and for the environment.